Sadly in these times when the Council and Parks Department are pressed financial decisions may be made which are not in the best long term interests of Victoria Embankment and the Meadows Recreation Grounds or which may even breach the Covenants. There may be a danger of handing land over to be used for commercial use, even if it is by small business which could set an unwelcome pattern. There are also other pressures on the Park which need our consideration and which will call for more concerted action - Petitioning and possibly Demonstration.
We have the last Paddling Pool in Nottingham and yet for some reason it is being suggested it be redesigned in some way. There is a current survey / consultation regarding the Outdoor Paddling Pool . FOVE cannot instruct you how to respond yet we encourage you to at least respond to this survey. However in about an hour and a half FOVE did gathered 300 signatures from the Parents of Children who use the Paddling Pool, some of whom travel many miles to use it who wish it to remain a Simple Paddling Pool. Our 300 mark was simply a number aimed for as it corresponded to the said numbers responding to the latest Council’s ‘masterplan’ which had around 300 respondents. The petition was simply to show the overwhelming support to keep the Last Paddling Pool in Nottingham as a simple paddling pool wether it needs rebuilding or not.
Sadly our representations seems to have been taken very lightly and the Council and Councillors and their Partners prefer to take their consultations where they will get a more favourable response. They have targeted the local school children yet FOVE members express concern about this, knowing children are inclined to respond to anything new like the suggestion of a Bulwell Bogs water/splash park. Yet the expensive Bulwell Bogs facility has been out of action for two years. Not a good advert, and we hope the local Schools will give FOVE an opportunity to put their case?
This is just an example of the way Park Users can be unheard. Please take a look at some of the issues facing the Park at the moment and decide if you agree or disagree. We would like you to tell us what you think and if you think we are on the wrong track. We need to develop a robust and clear voice and need you to do your bit. We will aim to represent you honestly and openly.
Current Projects / Campaigns
We do not want to have to ’Pay to Play’ so must not loose our legitimate right and access to use the whole fields freely for recreation & casual sport alongside formal sports & charitable or civic events
critique the council masterplan
provide toilet provision save last paddling pool sustain garden character wind turbine folly current campaigns save our paddling pool wind turbine toilet provision masterplan 2 Memorial Housing visitors victoria embankment friends committee campaign contact action history campaigns
A Critical Friend to the City Council
and Parks Department
restore sports pavilion
wild-card: reclaim the fields and realign the flood defences restore the cricket pavilion recent local developments wood carvings
With 2014 and the Centenary Commemorations of the Great War approaching
FOVE would like to see the Memorial Arch highlighted and Memorial Gardens put back on the map as the City of Nottingham’ Gardens of Remembrance. If we get the Trent Bridge School Military Hospital Arch erected the dedication ceremony could include a rededication of the Gardens with Military Band at the Bandstand, commemorative poppies floating in the pond and some of the reenactment societies members present. We are trying to achieve something along these lines.
We would love to have some carvings made  
The Museums Department are planning a big event at Wollaton Hall.  


•	Opened August 30th 1909 with 350 Girls. Head Mistress Miss M S Jacob. 

•	Official Opening September 28th 1909 by Councillor J Houston, Chairman of Education. He Complimented the City architect, Mr F B Lewis and the Building Contractor Mr J Wright (whose Memorial can be seen in St Faiths Church) on the excellence of their work. There was accommodation for 540 in each department. 
•	The Bishop of Southwell The Right Rev Sir Edwyn Hoskyns said “The outward equipment is perfect. If the Head Master of Eaton were to walk in here he would be green with envy. The only thing I feel jealous about is that those who have had the extreme pleasure of spending money on these schools have not had to raise it themselves and we are glad that through the rates it can be done. 

•	Easter Holidays 1915 – all buildings taken over to become Trent Bridge Military Hospital. Children dispersed to other schools p/t including St Saviour’s Sunday School Building. 

•	On June 28th 1949 their royal highnesses visited as Nottingham celebrated 500th year as a County in its own right. Trent Bridge Girls lined the Embankment and had a splendid view. At night the Trent Scene was reminiscent of a Venetian Carnival, the bridges outlined in fairy lights and the memorial gardens beautifully floodlit in colour.
Pamela Hammond’s book found in the Nottinghamshire Archive:
“The Story of Trent Bridge Secondary School for Girls”
Flood Defence Alignment