Friends of Victoria Embankment are steadily growing in numbers but we need to continue to mature to ensure this amazing vital open green breathing space is respected and preserved. FOVE is developing healthy relationships with other Friends Groups around the City. We had to rewrite the constitution, passed at the AGM of February 2012, to better reflect a normal, independent, non partizan, Friends Group.

1. To provide a responsible group of people whom Nottingham City Council can consult as representatives of users of Victoria Embankment and the Meadows Recreation Ground (“The Park”).
2. To preserve they natural and historic layout of The Park and monitor any proposed changes and to help maintain and improve the Open Space as an oasis of tranquility, natural beauty and recreation.
3. To encourage leisure use of the Area, by organising activities and distributing information.

We strive to ensure the legal Conveyances and Covenants which have preserved this Great Open Space for 112 and 93 years respectively are fully honoured. We need you to lobby our Councillors to ensure this Historic Park survives unspoiled for another 100 years.
Thousands of people know and love the Embankment. Are you one of them? Are you interested in becoming a Friend? It is presently free to join FOVE. If you would like to BECOME A MEMBER and ensure the survival and sensitive enhancement of this amazing local community facility then please
contact our Members Secretary William Scott by email or on 07971 519 537.
Do you have a story of your experiences using the Embankment? Do you have time skills to share? We would like to know.
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Since the AGM of 2012 the Friends of Victoria Embankment Committee have rewritten the Constitution to better reflect a normal Friends Group. Friends of Victoria Embankment could not continue acting as ‘Friends of the Ozone Project’ and its inappropriately placed Wind Turbine’. We are now totally independent of the Partnership Trust and their Partners and we hope free from any conflicting interests. We respectfully work with the City Council which on occasion means being a ‘Critical Friend’. We also redesigned the FOVE Logo (above).
Having worked hard to save the Parks’s historic Design, which is clearly worthy of preservation,  it was/is a great sadness to the current Chair that due to decisions being made before his election in late January 2011 he was not able to halt the flood defence work and get them returned to the Best Engineered 2005 Alignment following the historic design of Victoria Embankment so saving the playing fields and every other historic, grade listed feature from the high impact defences which were imposed upon the Park. This 2005 alignment was described by the Environment Agency in their 2008 Scoping Report as the most economic, low impact and robust defence, half the cost of the Ozone Alignment. Flood Gates are now recognised by the Environment Agency as high residual risk factors, weak points in any defence during a flood event, yet we now have 8 flood gates in a very in a 2km stretch of the overall 27km defence a disproportionately high amount compared with the whole scheme. They are more susceptible to damage and movement need regular testing, maintaining and manning and monitoring during a flood event.

Now FOVE  are working hard to protect & sensitively enhance the Park, its facilities and its biodiversity. We will try to ensure the Council & their Partners latest imposing ‘masterplan’ whilst securing better changing rooms etc... does not further damage or exploit our vital Open Green Breathing Space or our access to & enjoyment of it. We will continue to fight to retain the Recreation Grounds and ensure they are not exploited or built upon, to save the Last paddling Pool in Town and to opposed the ill placed, inappropriate Wind Turbine.

We do not wish any ill will and trust that the Ozone Developers and any associated with them and their agenda will respect the Historic Park and  FOVE’s new independence and not try to retake control of FOVE or undermine its position as representatives of Park Users and the Local Community. Lets hope they move their Ozone Project idea’s to the brown fields site of the Trent Basin. Please comment if you wish and please let us know if any of the facts are not correct and we will correct them immediate.

We are trying to build relationships with various groups around the City and Nationally.

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