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All this open land has been gifted to the Citizens of Nottingham and the locality in perpetuity, that is “FOREVER”
Park Users & Local Community
FOVE are an Independent Community Group with, we trust, no self interests other than the preservation of this exquisite public green space. We would like to enhance the experience of those visiting this amazing breathing space, a lung on the edge of the City centre, with its breathtaking tree lined boulevard and gloriously big skies. We would like to be able to represent you, the Visitors, Users and Locals, to ensure there are good quality facilities and highlight any issues with the Council Parks & Open Spaces Department on your behalf. Building the Users ‘Communal Voice’ is essential if our glorious amenity is to be restored and sustained. We believe the restrictive Covenants and Conveyances should be honoured and the aesthetic beauty of the layout retained so the land is not exploited financially or by insensitive development of any sort.
The Park is given to the Citizens of Nottingham and the locality in perpetuity and we must get involved, to regain and retain our sense of ownership of it.
A pressing issue we would like to bring to your attention is the Council’s latest Victoria Embankment Masterplan and the impacts it will have on the layout and our use and access to this Public Open Space. Having pieces of the Park and big chunks of recreational time parceled off to business, even sports business, has to be challenged. Yes, the people of the locality may not use the recreation ground as we use to but that might be down lack of ‘duty of care’ in that all the facilities are so run down. We must take some responsibility for allowing such neglect and get involved with shaping the future. Shaping the future does not mean reshaping the Park. Those with a desire to do so clearly do not value it.
FOVE hopes to develop a forum for Park and Open Space Users and interest groups as a whole so Users of the facility can work together to achieve the best available outcomes without detriment to its Character, Setting or Appearance. Of course you can contact the Parks Department yourself. For the Friends Group to mature so it can represent people effectively and be a positive influence it will need the input and involvement of you the Visitors on the Committee, during Action Hours and supporting Campaigns.
Please consider joining the Friend’s whatever the legitimate pastime is that brings you down to Victoria Embankment and the Meadows Recreation Grounds.
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