Who is demanding we redesign and change its historic, picturesque, Park with its balanced and considered layout?
Victoria Embankment
“It is confidently anticipated that the Embankment will be of lasting benefit to the Inhabitants of Nottingham.”
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Victoria Embankment is situated in a picturesque setting beside the River Trent between Wilford Bridge and Trent Bridge. Queen Victoria  granted Nottingham City Status during her Diamond Jubilee of 1897 inspiring many projects to make Nottingham a ‘City’ not only in name. The Victoria Embankment was part of this process combining a Flood Defence Embankment with a Riverside Promenade of such simple aesthetic grandeur. The vision of Arthur Brown the City Engineer, inspired in part by Queen’s Walk (1842) another magnificent promenade, with which it links. He had grown up in Nottingham, gone through the ranks to become Head Engineer and had real feeling for the City. The Grand Opening was in July 1901 when the Flood Embankment was named Victoria Embankment in honour of Queen Victoria who had passed away in the January of that year. Victoria Embankment is a majestic, unmatched and irreplaceable Historic Riverside Promenade and combines with the Memorial Gardens, the Bandstand Enclosure and the Meadows Recreation Ground to form one of Nottingham’s Great Parks.
This fabulous expanse of Recreational Land is gifted in perpetuity by 2 Benefactors, The Clifton Family Estate and Jesse Boot, to serve the Citizens of Greater Nottingham and the Locality. For over 100 yrs it has provided a vital Green, Open, Breathing, Quiet Space for our well-being, health, fitness and enjoyment providing with breath-taking vista’s to Wilford Hill, Sharphill Woods and the major architectural landmarks of the City such as the Town Hall and Castle and provides a massive open sky and magnificent treeline. Its sole purpose is for Public Recreation and Memorial. These are not your standard recreation grounds and enjoy peculiar restrictive protections which have preserved them for our enjoyment for some 113 years (Clifton) and 94 years (Boot) respectfully. When Jesse Boot gave the additional land (lighter green on the map below) he ensured there would be access and ample playing fields for three schools in the Meadows: Mundella Grammar, Collygate Primary and Trent Bridge Primary Schools and for local people. Sadly though the need for schools is as great as ever it was non of these schools now exist.
Victoria Embankment as one of Nottingham City’s Great Parks an Open Spaces is esteemed alongside The Castle, Wollaton Park, The Forest, Highfield’s, The Arboretum and Cowlick Park. The recreation grounds were, until 2011, the busiest Football Pitches in the City and host many great Charitable Sporting Events such as the Robin Hood Marathon, Race for Life along with Nottingham’s annual Riverside Festival.
In 2013 Nottingham hosted the National Armed Forces Day with the Embankment as the main events venue.
There are around 14 Grade II Listed Structures within or bordering the Embankment. It provides a habitat, a wildlife corridor and a migratory resting place for a great variety of wildlife,
The Clifton Conveyance, a Restricted Covenant, read: granted for the purpose of a public park and recreation ground and will permit the same to be used for no other purpose
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Trent Bridge
County Hall
Arthur Brown 1901 - Victoria Embankment
Westminster Bridge
County Hall
Victoria Embankment - Joseph Bazalgette 1870
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